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‘Custom’ Pet Import Service is also available to the  islands of Barbados, Jamaica and Bahamas


Your Errand Service
 We always say Y.E.S

Using CustomERrands as your facilitator, we can help you to get your
to the Cayman Islands and other Caribbean Countries

  • Yorkshire
  • Bichon frise
  • Cavalier
  • Pomeranian
  • Jack Russell
  • Shi-Tzu
  • Chihuahua
  • ……….and bigger breeds too

CustomERrands has facilitated the import of over 50 pedigree puppies to the Cayman Islands to date including  a pure breed German Shepherd and even cats.

All animals come from registered and reputable breeders in the UK, in compliance with ALL Cayman Islands Pet Importations Laws (microchip, rabbies, health requirements, flights, crates, admin, paperwork, vet fees, etc.)

Makes no “bones” about it, CustomERrands loves animals. Call for details on our professional, courteous and full A to Z service offering….you choose your new pet and we do the rest.

1345 926 5599

Price starts at USD 2,900.00 . References available.

Personal delivery service available to Cayman Brac and Little Cayman. We can also assist in bring your own dog over to the Islands
See below for our terms and conditions.

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Terms and Conditions

  • The Purchaser shall take good care of the animal, providing quality nutrition, shelter and medical care, including vaccinations as set out by a veterinarian, to ensure the physical and emotional wellbeing of the pet.
  • The Purchaser agrees to feed a quality Animal Food (as advised by your vet or the UK breeder) and at the appropriate age, to switch the animal to a food recommended by the breeder or by your veterinarian.  The Purchaser agrees to keep the pet at a suitable weight.
  • The Purchaser agrees the pet shall never be used for experimental or research or illegal purposes.
  • The Purchaser agrees to contact the Facilitator should the Purchaser need to part with this animal for whatever reason.  The Facilitator reserves the right to first refusal.
  • There is no guarantee or warranty that the purchaser will be able to show or breed the puppy regardless of the show or breeding potentials.
  • The Purchase price includes all administrative paperwork and documentation both locally in the Cayman Islands and overseas, but does not include the provision of Pet Passports.
  • Importation of the animal will be in compliance with current and published regulations as provided by the Cayman Islands’ Department of Agriculture.
  • All vaccinations and health requirements up until arrival of the animal in the Cayman Islands will be met in accordance with current and published regulations as set out by the Cayman Islands’ Department of Agriculture. 
  • The animal will be available for collection immediately upon its release by and clearance of Cayman Islands’ Customs and Excise and Agriculture Departments.
  • Veronique Bise, The Facilitator, cannot be held in any way liable or responsible for any accident, loss, damage, injury, death, disaster, natural disaster, hurricane, health risk (including FMD – Foot and Mouth Disease), Act of God, insurance or any other harmful act or consequence to the animal.
  • Delivery times and dates provided are subject change.
  • The Facilitator agrees to update The Purchaser with progress reports and pictures (wherever possible) of the animal up until the departure of the animal from the port of embarkation.
  • Full ownership of the animal transfers to the Purchaser once full payment has been received by the Facilitator and/ or on collection of the animal in Grand Cayman.


  • The Purchaser shall pay the Facilitator the sum of $50.00 per day as a Pet Sitting Fee for any animals not collected by the Purchaser within six hours of their arrival in Grand Cayman. This fee does include the provision of bedding and food by the Facilitator.
  • All prices quoted are in CI$.
  • Payment Terms are 75% on placement of order (less deposit for search). The remaining 25% balance is due on confirmation provided by the Facilitator of the animal’s flight confirmation details from the UK. $1000 deposit due immediately once CustomERrands are commissioned to start a search.
  • Payments made in US$ shall be at the exchange rate of $0.80.
  • Failure to pay to the Facilitator any amounts due or outstanding, on arrival of the animal in the Cayman Islands, may result in the non-release of the pet to the Purchaser until the account is settled in full.
  • Incidental costs, based on external factors beyond the Facilitator’s control, that may arise during the sale process are non refundable. Details of such will be provided to the Purchaser immediately. The Purchaser will be responsible for these additional charges. These can include but are not limited to delays due to strikes (e.g. postal strike), freight charge increases, transport crate price increases or charges related to medical reasons (e.g. FMD outbreak) or other extraordinary vet costs.  These Charges must be paid immediately to the Facilitator.
  • The Purchaser agrees to reimburse the Facilitator for any additional costs incurred in preparation for the animal’s arrival, including but not limited to special requests (such as dog harnesses, bedding, collars etc)
  • Any refunds to the Purchaser are at the sole discretion of the Facilitator. Refunds will ONLY be subject to similar amounts as are obtained and received by the Facilitator from any third party. This includes but is not limited to DEFRA, veterinary clinics, delivery contractors, providers of specialized equipment (such as transport crates).
  • In the event of a dispute, all legal costs for the Facilitator shall be met by the Purchaser, without exception.

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